After School Program/Martial Arts





Q: What is the payment schedule?


A: There are 10 months to the school year. Payment is due by the first week

of each month.


Q: What happens if I can't make payment by the first week?


A: If there is an unusual circumstance, we will take that into consideration.

However, if it is a constant issue, late fees will be applied.


Q: What if I just need the service a couple of times per week, do I still have to pay the full monthly tuition fee?


A: No. The days of service will be priced accordingly.


Q: What happens when there are days off from school, do I still have to pay the full amount?


A: Yes. Our prices are based strictly on school days, and services provided. There are approximately 180 days in the school year. You do not get charged for the days that the children are not in school. The Holidays, Breaks, etc.. are not factored into the price.


Q: Can I pick and choose which package works best for me?


A: Absolutely! But the monthly, or daily package must be chosen upon registration.


Q: If my child is sick and cannot attend for a day or two, is the full amount still due?


A: Yes.  Unfortunately we cannot prorate every time a child does not attend.

However, if it is an emergency; where the child will miss a considerable amount of time, then that will be taken under consideration.


Q: Why do I have to pay for the Mini-Camps, isn't that included in the monthly rate?


A: As stated earlier, you are only being charged for the days of services. (school days only)

It is broken up into 10 payments.


Q: Why is there a fee of $25.00 for half days?


A: After School Prices are calculated from the normal time of pick-up which is 2:20 to 6:00pm. On half days, children are out of school at 11:30am. Those additional hours are not factored into our price.


Q: If my child does not attend school on the half days, do I still have to pay the $25.00?


A: No.


Q: My child goes to Private School. Are the days and hours the same for all schools?


A: We follow the Public School calendar. When they are closed, so are we. However,

we do offer the Mini-Camp Service.



Q: Why do you call your Karate Authentic?  Doesn't everyone teach the same thing?


A: No.


Q: What do you mean by Authentic?


A:  When something claims to be Authentic, it must be genuine; and have an origin backed up by unquestionable historical evidence. It must have a greater source supporting its claims. If someone wants to buy a high quality diamond, they just cannot take the word of the vendor! An educated consumer should know, that the diamond not only should come with proper documentation, but it must be verified by reputable organizations like, GIA, AGS, and EGL to confirm its authenticity.  Where you decide to take classes, or put your children should be just as important.


Q: How do I know your school teaches authentic Karate?


A: There is a very reputable, and prestigious Japanese organization that is called, "The Nihon Kobudo Kyokai". Its primary function is to trace back Martial Arts lineages, and authenticate reputable schools, or Koryu's.  The only Karate systems in the world that are recognized by this organization are,  IOGKF Okinawan Goju Ryu, and Kingai Ryu. (

This is not to imply that other systems would not offer great benefits! This is just a verification on the authenticity of ours. (All genuine martial arts are very beneficial for children and adults alike).