This is a testimonial to how happy my family is with NYC Goju Ryu Karate –Do. My wife and I had been talking about enrolling our son Jack, who is currently 10 years old, in a Martial Arts program. Jack was a very shy timid boy; who despite all of our encouragement, lacked confidence and self-esteem. We researched many local Martial Arts schools. As a former student of “Nisei Jiu Jitsu”, I knew exactly what kind of discipline I wanted my son to study. 


Many of the neighborhood Martial Arts schools that were recommended to us, seemed to focus more on MMA (mixed martial sports) or gymnastics. Not self-defense, or self-improvement. It also seemed like student advancement was based more on “the check clearing”, rather than talent or personal development.

At the same time we were also looking for a new After School Program for our son, as we were unhappy with the one he was previously enrolled in. That program seemed to focus more on playtime; and academics came second. And too often, not at all! When homework was not being done, it was time for a change.

Finally, our prayers were answered. A good friend of ours whose children used to be in our son’s previous After School Program told us about the new After School Program she recently enrolled her children in. It was named NYC Goju Ryu Karate-Do After School and Martial Arts Program.


 Being very familiar with Goju Ryu Karate-Do I was very intrigued. But my main focus was on a safe reputable after school Program. One day, last October, we decided to drop in on one of the Karate classes unannounced. We were greeted by smiles from the director and owner Ms. Joie, and one of the volunteer instructors, Sensei Luis Tapia.  

            After requesting permission to observe a class, we were given front row seats and we really enjoyed the class. Especially our son Jack, who looked very excited and was copying the moves the students displayed.                  After the class, Ms. Joie, and Sensei Luis sat down with us and explained every detail of the school’s curriculum. We were very impressed that this Karate schools main objective for their After School Program, was academics and child development. Not just Karate. We signed Jack up immediately, and started the NYC Goju Ryu Program in November, 2015.


        From day one, our son loved the program. He knew some of the other children; but most importantly, he made new friends and loved the staff.  Homework was done first before anything, and for the first time in a very long time, it was done correctly. The Karate classes are 3 x per week. The children are also kept busy with Music classes, Arts and Crafts, Cooking Classes, and general play. 


            A few weeks into the program, I found out firsthand what this program was really about. When I went to pick up Jack one evening, Sensei Luis asked to speak with me privately. He wanted to discuss with me what he and the staff had observed regarding Jack's strong points and weaknesses in his school work. He mentioned that he was strong in math, but had difficulties with reading comprehension and writing. These were things my wife and I were already aware of, but it made me feel good knowing that the staff also saw it and made it their priority to address it. They also requested copies of his report card.


 After a few months we noticed positive changes in Jack.  His self-esteem and confidence improved 10 fold. His grades improved. His reading and writing improved. His social skills improved. Everyone even noticed that he had trimmed down and lost some weight due to the intense Karate training. 

All and all NYC Goju Ryu has been the perfect match for our son’s needs. He comes home every day excited and happy. And as long as he is happy, my wife and I are happy.

Thank you Sensei Luis, Ms. Joie and all the staff at NYC Goju Ryu Karate-Do.


Paul J Curtin.

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