"Children are the lighthouses that will one day guide us into the future"
-Sensei L.Tapia

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NYC Goju Ryu Karate/ After-school program is a wonderful place for a child's mind, body and spirit. My son who was diagnosed with ADHD, has taken Karate lessons here since 2013.  Focusing was very challenging for him.  I have seen great improvement in his focus, self esteem and muscle tone.  My daughter has attended the after school for over a year.  I have noticed improvement in her coordination, strength, and overall grades since attending the program.    


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It is my pleasure to announce the phenomenal work and commitment that NYC Goju Ryu provides to our son Matthew. He has been part of the program now for 4 years.  As a result, his academics have improved tremendously. 

Thank you NYC Goju Ryu.

Ken Torres

This is a testimonial as to how happy my family is with NYC Goju Ryu Karate –Do. My wife and I had been talking about enrolling our son Jack, who is currently 10 years old, in a Martial Arts program. Jack was a very shy timid boy; who despite all of our encouragement, lacked confidence and self-esteem.



Thank you so much for teaching our kids Martial Arts. Your hard work helped make the past 3 years a great success!

I have noticed a huge difference in my boys. Their confidence and self-esteem has increased tremendously! Since they've been with you, they are always on the top of their class. Dean's list 3 years in a row! Thank you Sensei and Ms Joie for such a wonderful experience! The length that you went to make this memorable and educational experience for my kids, way exceeds any expectation i ever had.


Our son Sean has been learning Goju Ryu Karate for the last 4 years. He started training at the age of 6, under the tutelage of the instructors at NYC Goju Ryu.  Needless to say, his grades, focus, confidence, and physical stamina has improved greatly. He was able to balance his studies with his extracurricular activities. He loves practicing Karate and has developed a sense of commitment, that I know he will carry his whole life! Thank you, NYC Goju Ryu!

Ruel Tanega

"By far the best choice I've made to date!!!  My daughter who struggled with SPD has come such a long way in only a few months of training specifically in the areas of self-discipline and better focus. The instructors, and Ms. Joie at NYC Goju Ryu have demonstrated a real passion working with children and ensuring their safety at all times".


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